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You may be familiar with the wonderful 1967 film starring Katharine Hepburn, Sidney Poitier and Spencer Tracy that artfully addressed some of the most controversial issues of the time. This clip from Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner always gives me chills. It was Hepburn and Tracy’s last film together and Spencer Tracy died just 17 days after filming ended. I watched this film numerous times in the den at my GREAT (always capital) Aunt Tillie’s home in California. She was a fan of film and this was one of her favorties.

While the title of this post reminds me of fond family moments and groundbreaking films, I actually sat down to write my ideal dinner guest list after reading this post by a fellow Kentucky Food Blogger, Neil, over at Shenandoah Supper Club. On a perfect night of divine kismet, when the stars align, and there are no bounds between heaven and Earth who would I invite to my dinner table? I am sitting at the table now. There are only 6 chairs, and I wouldn’t force more as these special guests need to be comfortable. I want them to linger.

My initial thought was Barbra Streisand becuase I love and adore her. Stay with me now… then I realized she may dominate the conversation and only talk about herself (Hello, Diva). So, I reconsidered, and here is my list…

1. Julia Child – If you’re going to have a divine dinner and conversation, bring a delightful woman who loves food and loves to talk. I have a friend who actually spent Thanksgivings with Julia Child at her parent’s table. How amazing is that?!? Can you even imagine? Interestingly enough it sounded like the men did a lot of the cooking and Julia sat back and enjoyed the food. I can just picture her laughing, eating and brimming with joy.

2. Mary Oliver – Mary is one of my favorite poets of all time. Her words combine life, nature and spirit to create inspiring and uplifting views on the world around us. You can read her poem The Journey here. While I think Mary might be a quieter guest at the table what she did say would be poignant and mind-opening. Plus, I’m pretty certain someone so in tune with nature would love good food.

3. Maya Angelou – Maya Angelou is consistently one of the most brilliant and uplifting speakers and writers of our time. It is amazing to hear the story of where she came from and hear the brilliance and hope in her words now. Maya is walking, living proof of the ability of the human mind to overcome the darkness and despair of adversity and move forward into hopeful, positive light. I would be honored to have such an amazing woman seated at my dinner table.

4. Hillary Clinton – Can I tell you how much I love Hillary? What a fantastic woman and wonderful politician (not two words I use together very often) for America. I was disappointed when she didn’t receive the presidential nomination, but am happy to see her work as Secretary of State. Regardless of the opposition she encounters she always maintains poise and makes smart decisions. I would love to share a meal with her and discuss the world (and a little about her romance with Bill).

5. The Buddha – My table is filled with women and a gentle soul is certainly needed to keep the balance. The Buddha (formerly Prince Siddhartha) has always been a symbol of peace, calm, enlightenment and wisdom around the world. I have images of the Buddha throughout my home, and they bring me great comfort. I can see him looking around the table at these brilliant women with a great big smile on his face. And I would love to feel his jolly belly with tasty food.

And one space left just for me.

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