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“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ~Marcel Proust

I am traveling this week for work, and visiting friends in different places. Everyday, no matter where I am in the world, I know I am a very lucky girl. In addition to having a supportive biological family, I have the best urban family a girl could hope for. When I say “urban family” I’m talking about close friends, your chosen family, that get you through your days and nights, and make your life more joyful. Family, to me, has always meant so much more than biology.

My urban family is scattered around the globe in different towns and timezones. But no matter where I go, I am always connected to them through letters, emails, calls and texts. The powers of modern technology easily keeps us close. Regardless of the months and years that pass, or where I might be, we are connected in an intricate web of souls woven by our shared life experiences.

While I travel with wandering adventure through my life, they keep me grounded and make my home. My life is blessed and filled with these amazing people who know, love and understand me at my core. They lift me up and guide me through tough times, and laugh and celebrate with me in good times.

We sit and share meals.
We search for stones and shells on the beach.
We share cocktails and good wine.
We walk the city.
We work in the garden.
We visit art galleries.
We write.
We discuss movies and books.
We swim in the waves.
We listen to music.
We go to concerts and theater.
We travel and explore new places.
We hold each other’s dreams.
We help create pathways and guide posts to those dreams.
We push when it is needed.
We listen and offer warm hugs, when it is not.
We accept each other fully for who we truly are.
We can just sit and be, holding the space for one another.

I have a sprawling urban family spreading across Kentucky, Illinois, Oklahoma, Oregon, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Washington, Tennessee, California, Ireland, England and Australia. I can go to any of those places and be at home because my family is there.

I’m taking this moment to reflect in gratitude on the many ways my urban family has graced my life. I love them more than any words can ever begin to express.

Who is in your urban family? Where do they live? How do they lift you up?

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4 Replies to “Urban Family”

  1. Family, to me, has always meant so much more than biology.

    Yep. There’s no denying my love and my interest in some of my bio-family is all tied up with the fact that we are related by blood. But there are lots of other things that make a family, too.

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