Shanghai, China in Pictures, PART 1


Yu Yuan is a bustling district in Shanghai. While the shopping there can be very frustrating (due to the strong sales push) you can find some respite in the shops on the side streets in the antiques district, on the second floor of the tea house across the zig zag bridge in the center of the water, and in the beautiful gardens.

The peaceful and beautiful Yu Yuan Gardens, near the City God Temple, offer a haven from the bustling shopping district and have existed since the mid 1500s.

The Huxining Tea House is a popular spot for tea just outside the main entrance to the gardens. The tea house sits in the middle of the water and the zig zag bridge blocks any spirits that may be following you (as the spirits can’t turn corners) so you can enjoy your tea in peace.

Rain doesn’t stop business in Yu Yuan. The city pulls out its best rain gear and keeps on moving. Note the handmade broom being used by the city employee cleaning the streets.

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