Birthday Flowers (Bring May Showers?)


Tomorrow is my birthday. I love all birthdays, not just my own, but every birthday. I love to celebrate my friend’s birthdays just as much as I love to celebrate my own. We have quite the festivities planned for tomorrow and by late tonight I’ll have a house full of out of town guests.

I’m a very lucky to girl to have so many family and friends that love me and want to celebrate with me.

My mom owns a flower shop and at this time of year I can easily persuade her to bring home random assortments of flowers to fill our house. We stood outside on the back deck while she wildly arranged a menagerie of flowers into any container we could find – a wine decanter, small jelly jars, an olive oil jar, wine bottles, a coffee can. Now the house is filled with flowers, and we made it inside just before the rain started to fall. This post has a few photos of our wild creations.

The sun was still shining through the clouds and drops of rain. I’m sure a rainbow was there, just over the roof line, even though we didn’t see it. Life is always full of small blessings when you look for them. I’m hoping for sun tomorrow, but I’ll take a little rain, too. I certainly can’t complain. My life is so filled with love, hope and joy it is overflowing. Even if it isn’t your birthday I hope you find a reason to celebrate.

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4 Replies to “Birthday Flowers (Bring May Showers?)”

  1. Beautiful flowers! Glad to hear not all florists throw the non-arrangement worthy away.

    Happy BDay!!

    (p.s. – A few of my foodie friends are checking out this site now, and loving it. They are harmless mostly 🙂 )

    1. Thanks! We have a little rain for our walk to the farmers market, but looking like a great day. Thanks for sharing my site with others! I’m very happy to have them checking out the site and the recipes! 🙂

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