Watermelon Mint Punch


This beverage is like summer in a glass, only without the steamy heat. It is cool, crisp, refreshing and (if the proper optional ingredients are added) can make you all the more merry despite the oppressive summer temperatures.

Watermelon is a summertime staple in the South to be sure, and this is one of my favorite preparations of the fruit. You can add numerous varieties of liquors and garnishes to this drink to jazz it up, but the simplicity of the basic flavors is enough to bring you back for seconds…and thirds.

    1/2 Large Watermelon or 1 Small Watermelon, cut into small chunks
    5 Sprigs Fresh Mint, leaves stripped
    Juice 3 Lemons
    1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar
    2 Cups Ginger Ale
    Bacardi Limon or favorite clear liquor (optional)

    Watermelon pulp being pressed through a fine strainer.

    1. In a large bowl with a potato masher or pastry cutter mash Watermelon, Mint Leaves, Lemon Juice, and Sugar until pulpy .
    2. Once pulp is adequately mixed pour mixture through a fine sieve into a large pitcher, 2 cups at a time. Smash watermelon mixture through the strainer with the back of a spoon to press out all juice. Dump remaining pulp in garbage. Repeat.
    3. Once all pulp has been pressed, add 2 cups of Ginger Ale to the pitcher and refrigerate to cool.
    4. Serve cold over ice. Add 2 shots Bacardi Limon or other liquor to each serving if desired. Add fresh blackberries, other berries or mint sprigs for garnish. Enjoy!

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    3 Replies to “Watermelon Mint Punch”

    1. This looks awesome!! Definitely adding this to our “pre-Mexico party” menu, nice lighter option to margaritas

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