Urban Love Story


Urban Love Story
by Jessica Pendergrass

  • I remember how my hand felt in your hand, small and cool against your warm skin – Your warmth permeating me from the inside out.

    I remember the sweet freckled skin that dotted the tops of your otherwise large and rough hands – Evidence of the innocent boy who had grown into this guarded and cautious man.

    Your hand slipped from my hand as you wrapped your arm around my shoulder to pull me in close and tuck me into your side. I nestled in, smiled up into your velvety blue eyes thinking, I will always, always remember this moment.

    The cool breeze, the busy city streets, the crystal night sky. All the hustle and bustle brought down to just you and me here on this sidewalk – Walking away from the bigger world, our real lives, for just a moment.

    I would have walked those living streets with you forever in that closeness.

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