Sweet Corn Salsa (ME)


  • I’ve been on a southwestern food kick lately, particularly anything to do with corn cakes, black beans, avocado and salsa. I was recently having some salsa at a restaurant on a quesadilla with sweet corn inside and thought, “What I really need is some sweet corn salsa.” So, I dreamed up this little recipe and brought it together in my kitchen for dinner tonight. It is great with chips or taco salad or served on top of my Cornmeal Crusted Black Bean Cakes.

    2 Ears of Fresh, Sweet Corn (I used bi-color white and yellow)
    3 Small Fresh Tomatoes, Diced
    2 Tomatillos, Small Dice
    1/2 Yellow Pepper, Diced
    1/4 Yellow Onion, Small Dice
    6 Tbsp Fresh Cilantro, finely chopped*
    Fresh Squeezed Juice from 2 Limes
    Fresh Ground Sea Salt, to taste

    *I’m not a huge fan of cilantro, but if you let this sit for a few hours the cilantro settles and makes the perfect spice for this dish.

    1. Shuck and clean silks from corn. Add corn to a large pan of water, just deep enough to cover the corn, and bring water to a boil on the stove. Let boil for 2 minutes, remove corn from heat. Let sit 2-3 more minutes to steam. Drain hot water off corn, and rinse corn with cold water to cool.
    2. Chop all vegetables to the size noted above and plop into a medium sized bowl.
    3. Place cooled corn on cutting board, sitting long ways up and holding it by the top end. Use a serrated knife to slice corn kernels off the cob 3-4 rows at a time. Add corn to veggies. (Throw cobs away or put outside for the critters to munch on.)
    4. Chop cilantro and add to veggies.
    5. Squeeze juice from 2 limes and add to mix.
    6. Add fresh ground sea salt to taste (about a couple of teaspoons).
    7. Mix thoroughly. Cover bowl and let sit in the refrigerator for at least a few hours before serving.
    8. Serve cold and fresh. Salsa can be saved and use for days to come. Enjoy!

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    3 Replies to “Sweet Corn Salsa (ME)”

    1. I am addicted to salsa, every Monday (my day off) I try to come up with the perfect recipe for one (based off of Whole Foods Pico version). I’m getting very close! I think I’ll try this one for a friends BBQ this Sunday

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