Releasing Negativity


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The past few months have been challenging and difficult for me and for most people I know. Some interesting alignments of the stars led to conflict, turmoil, upheaval and uncertainty. Luckily, the energy of the cosmos is now turning and we are being guided toward more peaceful, calming and brighter moments, but we can only move forward if we are willing to release the negativity around us.

One of our most challenging life lessons is learning to let go of negative people and the drama they bring into our lives. I’ve recently been asking some of my close friends, “Why are you letting this person into your life? What benefit and grace do they bring to you? If you feel you deserve anything less than nurturing and caring treatment by others, why? What is at the root of allowing drama and negativity into your life?”

I know you might be thinking, “How ridiculous, of course I respect and care for myself!” But do take a few moments to reflect and be sure. Are you knowing and certain of your brilliant light and the love that you deserve? Do you know the tremendous gifts you have to offer others? Or are you constantly questioning your worth and value and allowing in negative people for fear of being alone?

The answers vary, but often times, we feel it is our responsibility to take care of others to the detriment of ourselves. But, as they say, it is impossible to take care of others until we truly care for and respect ourselves. Setting boundaries and only accepting a certain type of treatment in our lives is essential to loving ourselves and living a happy life. Learn to say no to people and situations that make you feel bad, and communicate your needs to others. Of course, there is a balance, as boundaries can easily become barriers if we do not trust others and shut people out of our lives completely. Shutting our hearts off from others is just as detrimental as allowing mistreatment by people who drain us. So, be mindful of the balance.

There was a great quote in the recent October issue of Whole Living, “Wisdom comes with what you let go of, not what you hold onto.” That is so true. Knowing when to release negativity from our life can open us up to new adventures. I truly believe new and positive circumstances cannot come to us until we release the negative people, past and situations from our lives. I also believe the same negative circumstances will come back into our lives over and over again, and across many lifetimes, unless we learn our lessons and let them go. If we don’t want to experience these same negative influences in our next life, we have to correct them in this life. As for negative people, we have to learn to close out karmic contracts and cut the ties that bind us to our past.

Review the questions in the post and ask, what negativity do you need to release? Envision the positive people with whom you want to share your gifts. They will come to you. One of the best ways of releasing negativity is forgiveness, which I’ll talk more about tomorrow. Until then, many blessings to you as you wrap yourself in loving light.

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2 Replies to “Releasing Negativity”

  1. What a great and timely post! Ironically as someone who is a caregiver I am in constant need of reminding to take care of myself. Thank you for this post and for the reminder of releasing negative energy.

  2. Just over 5 years ago, a very, very negative ( and unhappy) person who was technically family, kicked my butt to the curb in a fit of rage over a combo of too many cosmopolitans and white carpet.

    Sadly, it was the best thing that could have happened. It was like a huge dark cloud of judgement, anger, negativity, etc was suddenly gone and no longer hanging over me. I was free!!

    It’s hard to see how wrapped up you can be in someone else’s mentality. God bless cosmos and white carpet!! Lol

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