Sculpture, UNC Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC

“Inspiration comes from the inside. Do not look outside for your truth.”

We are always finding our way back onto the path. During times of difficulty, triumph and tragedy we lose touch with the stillness within. We get too big or feel too small. The voices in our mind – the doubters, the worriers, the skepticists – block out the messages coming from our center, our hearts.

If we can find a way to connect to that inner peace and stillness that always resides within, we can change the world. I know that sounds like an impossibility. But all change and dreams start in the hearts of a brave people willing to open up and let a little light in.

As Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth, “To be aware of little, quiet things… you need to be quiet inside. A high degree of alertness is required.”

For just a moment let yourself stop. Be still. Allow. Listen.

What messages are calling to you from the inside? What plans and dreams does the universe have for you? Inspiration comes from the inside. Do not look outside for your truth. Listen to your true voice. Allow it. And so it is.

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