Perfect Poached Eggs


An egg poured from a small ramekin is ideal for poaching.
Poached eggs are one of those tricky food items. They takes some time to perfect, but once mastered are delicious. Over the last few years I’ve been accumulating tips and tricks from friends, magazines and online. Below is the process that I’ve found produces the most consistent results. I’ve posted this advice previous, but it was buried in a recipe for Three Cheese Grits with Poached Eggs. I thought it might be helpful to bring it into the limelight and give it a little visibility. Adjust ingredient instructions for number of eggs actually needed. Yield: 6 Eggs

6 Eggs (or as many as desired)
2 Tsp White Vinegar
Fresh Ground Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper

1. In a wide, deep pan bring 3 inches of water (with 2 Tsp White Vinegar) to a boil. Preferably use a non-stick pan to keep eggs from sticking to the bottom, and use a wide enough pan to accommodate the number of eggs you plan to cook.
2. Do not use salt in water as it will cause the eggs to separate.
3. Once water comes to a boil, reduce to a simmer. If water is too hot or too cold the eggs will separate.
4. Crack egg into a small ramekin or dish (do not crack directly into water) as pictured above and pour quickly into water, ensuring ramekin is as close to the water as possible. The idea is to keep the egg tightly clustered, and separated from the other eggs. Add each egg individually to the water as described above.
5. Lightly pull each egg together in water with a spoon if needed and ensure they aren’t sticking, but disturb eggs as little as possible. Let cook for 2-5 minutes for desired yolk consistency. Less time for a soft yolk.
6. Remove egg from the water with a slatted spoon and drain off excess water.
7. Season with Sea Salt and Pepper as desired. Enjoy!

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