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in time of daffodils by e.e. cummings in time of daffodils (who know the goal of living is to grow) forgetting why, remember how in time of lilacs who proclaim the aim of waking is to dream, remember so (forgetting seem) in time of roses (who amaze our now and here with paradise) forgetting if, […]

March 16, 2011 0
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Sweet Home Savannah

Savannah is one of the magical cities of the South dripping in history, charm and hospitality. Known as “The Hostess City of the South” its people are known to be friendly and welcoming. I first visited Savannah in my teens and knew I would be back many times in my life. Every few years I […]

March 16, 2011 0
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Apple Honey Cake

I first made this recipe for a gathering of friends on New Year’s Eve. It was inspired by the beautiful Beehive Bundt pan my friends gave me for Christmas. They know how much I love bees! I am a big proponent of all recipes made with Local Honey and this is one of my recent […]

March 15, 2011 0
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Preserved Moments: Pressing Flowers and Leaves

“Pressed foliage is a simple and meaningful way to preserve special moments.” I keep a small book for pressing wildflowers and leaves in my purse at all times. Sometimes these small, pressed items stay with me as lucky mementos. Other times they are added to my larger collection at home, in a nature journal. Occasionally […]

March 15, 2011 1
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Using Houseplants for a Healthy Home

“Bring houseplants into your space to add vibrancy, air quality and color to every room.” Houseplants are the perfect way to bring color and life into any area of your home. While beautiful and enjoyable, house plants also positively impact air quality. They support the natural carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle inside the walls of […]

March 14, 2011 3
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Bare Trees Poem for Winter Solstice

One last homage to Winter before the Spring Equinox (Ostara) this Sunday, March 20th. Bare Trees a poem for the Winter Solstice by Lisa Lindsey Through bare trees I can see all the rickety lean-tos and sheds, and the outhouse with the crescent moon on the door, once modestly covered in summer’s greenery. Through bare […]

March 14, 2011 1
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How to Grow Spring Bulbs in Containers

“I was very excited to have some Daffodil bulbs, and couldn’t wait to get them planted. Being in a rental, a container garden of bulbs was the perfect option.” If you missed the Fall bulb planting season it isn’t too late to enjoy a plethora of Spring bulbs in your garden. Bulbs grow just as […]

March 11, 2011 6
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Acquainted with the Night

Acquainted with the Night by Robert Frost I have been one acquainted with the night. I have walked out in rain—and back in rain. I have outwalked the furthest city light. I have looked down the saddest city lane. I have passed by the watchman on his beat And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain. […]

March 11, 2011 0
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Building a Backyard Bird Sanctuary

“Watching the birds in my backyard is a peaceful, quiet easing into the routine of the morning. I forget I am in the middle of a city, and am reminded of my childhood home in the country.” Attracting birds to your home can be a simple, enjoyable and calming experience. By creating a nurturing environment […]

March 11, 2011 4
Embracing the Rain
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Embracing the Rain

“We must embrace the rain, even in those moments when we are weathering our own personal storms.” It was so wet outside this morning that the birds weren’t chirping. I’d grown accustomed to waking to their sweet songs at dawn, but this morning – silence. Just a sweet patter of rain on the window panes. […]

March 10, 2011 3
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