P.S. Love succotash too!


This post is the first in a new series called “Mamaw’s Wisdom” where I will share bits of letters, photographs and history from the wise assortment of people amongst my family and friends.

This letter was from my GREAT (always caps lock) Aunt Tillie. She wrote to me from CA in 1996, I was a Junior in high school in KY. We were talking about love.

  • The letter makes me misty eyed 15 years later. While I do have a new love in my life to dream about, I also love all of the things she mentions in her letter – trees, birds, bees, earth, rocks. We were two peas in a pod when I would go to visit. I can only imagine the conversations we would have now. I do miss her terribly. Towards the end of her life she made me promise to live a life filled with adventure. I try my best to remember and live BIG!

    Even the P.S. means a lot – “Love succotash too!” – this is an absolute favorite for me and my Dad. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times we’ve shared succotash with a little chicken and rice. So many heart-warming memories recalled by a few words in this letter. It is appropriate that food ends the list – how I do love food!

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    5 Replies to “P.S. Love succotash too!”

      1. Timmy! I was thinking about including letters and photographs from friend’s families, too, if they’re interested. If you have any writings, photos, etc. from your family that you would like to share I would LOVE for you to be a guest writer! 🙂

    1. She was awesome, I loved hanging out with her, always had great stories and wisdom to share, plus was just tons of fun!! She is missed for sure

    2. How sweet! Thank you for sharing. My great-aunt died ages before I was born, but she was like a sister/mother to my own mom and sometimes I wish I could have known her.

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