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Today is World Gratitude Day. I’ve written before about the amazing power of gratitude in our lives. Studies have shown that it is impossible to feel negative emotions when you feel truly grateful. It is so easy to go from day-to-day focusing on the negative, unexpected and bad things that happen to us. But it is a much more empowering place to start each day with a sense of gratitude and an open heart.

The path of fear and resistance only closes our heart and shutters our mind. Gratitude and kindness really do make us wiser and stronger.

Here are a few things I am most grateful for today…

My crazy, unpredictable family.
Amazing, nurturing friends who lift me up and support me everyday.
The cool rains and winds of the coming Fall season.
Opportunities to give and experience love.
The snugly softness and calming purr of The Queen.
A comfortable, warm bed.
Good food and wine shared with others at a celebratory table.
Creative projects that inspire my mind and soul.
My closest, supportive co-workers who lighten the load and make me laugh.
Books brimming with knowledge.
Fresh flowers, plants, nature and connection to spirit.
Travel, the ocean, sunsets, the moon.
Adorable dogs in the park that make me smile.
The rural countryside, farmland, old trees, small streams.
Coffee in the morning.
Quiet nights at home watching movies on the big, red sofa.
Music that comforts and empowers my spirit.
The ability to communicate, write and share my story.

Take a moment to sit and reflect. What are you most grateful for?

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2 Replies to “My Gratitude List”

  1. Gratitude shouldn’t be limited to just one day. Everyday, everyone should be grateful for the amazing things the have, though I know it’s really, really hard to do. My Dad passing away many years ago tought me that.

    But today, I’m insaning grateful for all my familiesssss (and parents) , who made me who I am. They are all amazing, and a part of who I am today, the happiest damn woman in the world marrying her absolute best friend.

    Everything that happens has a meaning, and a purpose, just gotta be patient to see how it all works out.

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