Mini Manifesta

It all started with a rough sketch and concept. Now, Urban Sacred Garden is growing into a spiritual resource site dedicated to bringing you bits of inspiration and connection amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. In the grit, light and noise of the city we too easily lose connection with ourselves and each other. We can learn to reconnect to our core inner truth through eating good food, digging in the dirt, beginning eye-opening journeys, working in community circles, reading inspiring words, and creating a nest of sanctuary in our homes. Please note all content on this site is original, including photographs and recipes, and is copyright protected. I am happy for other sites to reference to the content as long as this site is credited. Thanks!

Food Love: Cooking good food helps you slow down and provides an opportunity to nourish yourself and others. There is nothing like sitting around the dinner table and filling your life with enriching conversation and food with family and friends. After years of practice (and many mistakes), I can navigate my way around any kitchen with ease. Here, I share my personal recipes and talk about my most loved restaurants, food resources and kitchen products.

Reading Room: An educated people is an understanding people. Sometimes words bring us the greatest enlightenment and insight into our circumstances. On this site I share inspired writings and books that have shaped my life and invigorated my mind.

Soul Garden: It is such a mini-miracle when you get your hands dirty to build a garden and begin to see life happening all around you. It slows you down to pause and reflect. This is a necessity during a time in history when our lives are becoming more hectic, busy and disconnected. I was given the gift of parents and grandparents who love all things farming and garden related. I want to share that gift with you by offering advice to get you motivated and moving in the right direction.

Spirit Space: Technology creates the illusion that we are separate, but in truth we are all one. We must remember to continuously reground ourselves and connect to each other, life and the Earth to connect to Source. My life is so enriched by spiritual practice. I have no particular faith, but consider myself intensely spiritual. I offer some words on this site in the hope of inspiring deeper connection and guidance in your world.

Thoughtful Travel: Travel opens our eyes to new worlds, people and ideas. Only through experiencing other cultures first hand can we truly understand and connect to the greater source of the universe. I travel around as vastly and frequently as my obligations and finances will allow. I will share with you those places in the world that bring the most light into my life.

Home Sanctuary: Art is an expression of emotion. Regardless of what you do to express yourself – cooking, gardening, designing your home, sitting down to write, taking a photograph, painting a picture – you are creating your own works of art. Our environment greatly influences how we feel, and respond to our surroundings, on a daily basis. I’ll share my ideas for creating a welcoming and inspiring space.

This site was created to assist you in building a deeper relationship with yourself, your community and your space. A strong connection to nature and to others has always made for healthier people. I hope the content of this site inspires joy, hope, happiness and creativity in your life.

If you ever have any questions, comments or ideas please contact me via e-mail.

Welcome to the Garden. Please read on and enjoy!

Many Blessings to You,

6 Replies to “Mini Manifesta”

  1. Awesome (and true) manifesta!! (and great artwork by Tim!!)

    I’d put it front and center for those who are just visiting the site for the first time!

    1. I’ve thought about putting it front and center, but trying to figure out how best to do that from the Home page.
      Artwork in this case is actually my original rough sketch for the concept back in February, all artwork since is the lovely work of Tim, and I’ll soon have a new header on the site. 🙂

      1. Maybe just change the color of the word “vision”, the subtle grey now doesn’t stand out much on this crappy PC or my iPhone. Also seen an “About” button on other blogs…or maybe a “inspiration” button?

        1. Excellent idea on the color. I’ll have to switch it up a little and see what works best. Maybe I’ll add the Mini-Manifesta as a drop down in the Reading Room section so more people see it. Don’t have an easy spot for an About section as my title bar is filling up quickly. Thank you for the suggestions!

  2. aloha jes.. just found your BEAUTYFULL blog.. such a soulful creation!! thank you!
    and im inspired to share our kindred connections, which you can meet thru our website. this year we created a sacred gardening creation called give to the garden prayer flags.. ( you can meet them at the site above) i hope you enjoy.. and if you do , let me know and i will send you a set in thanks for your wonderful offerings, i have a dream to somehow get these out to as many of the precious community garden spaces springing up all over as i can..
    thank you! sheya

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