Lavender Mint Sun Tea (ME)


In the South, we love our sun tea. And while it takes some time and patience, there isn’t much more to do when it is hot and sweltering in the wet summer heat. I don’t know why sun tea tastes better, it may be the slow wait as it turns a golden hue and the sheer anticipation of what is to come.

This is a refreshing beverage for summer, and a rare treat only available in the heat of the summer months. Serve ice cold. Drink within 24 hours for the freshest flavor as you would with all fresh brewed tea. Keep in the refrigerator once finished brewing in the sun.

    2 Gallons Warm Water
    15 Tea Bags – I used 10 Bags Constant Comment Green Tea and 5 Bags of Stash Moroccan Mint Green Tea
    1/2 Cup Local Honey
    1/2 Lemon, sliced
    5 Sprigs Fresh Mint
    5 Sprigs Fresh Lavender

    1. In a large glass container add Water, Tea Bags, Lemons, Mint and Lavender. Keep tea tags hanging out of the top for easy removal later. Twist threads to keep them together.
    2. Place outside in the sun and let tea develop in the heat for 3-5 hours, or as needed until tea is correct color and taste (taste with a small spoon to determine if it is ready). NOTE: Be sure to remove lemons after 1 hour to keep tea from getting bitter from the rind. Remove Tea Bags once sun brewing is finished. Mint and Lavender can stay in the tea for further infusion.
    4. Serve cold over ice. Sweeten as desired (if no sugar or honey was added during the mix at beginning). Add fresh mint or lavender sprigs for garnish. Enjoy!

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