Honey Bourbon Apple Cider


Honey Apple Bourbon CiderBeing from Kentucky, I am a great lover of all things Bourbon. Finally, after taking some cocktail making classes and experimenting at home, I’m ready to add this new section, Cocktails and Libations, to my site. When thinking about a name for this section, “Libations” immediately came to mind, and then I looked up the definition and knew for sure; “A libation is a drink poured out as an offering to a deity.” In Kentucky, Bourbon making is a spiritual pursuit. I am so happy to share my love for great beverages with you here. I hope you enjoy, I know my friends sure do. Yield: 1 Cocktail, multiply as needed

    1.5 oz. Kentucky Bourbon
    1 oz. Apple Cider
    0.5 oz. Laird’s Applejack or other Apple Brandy
    0.5 oz. Honey Syrup*
    Dash Angostura Bitters
    Orange Peel, 1 wide slice

    *Honey Syrup is just a “rich syrup” version of simple syrup using Honey. Dilute 2 parts Honey with 1 part warm water (no need to heat or boil, the warm water will speed dilution).

    1. Measure out volumes of liquid as indicated above – Bourbon, Cider, Brandy, Honey Syrup – and pour into a cocktail shaker. (Note: If you do not have a cocktail shaker a quart size mason jar works great, just make sure you have a lid.) Add Bitters.
    2. Fill 3/4 full with ice. Firmly cap shaker and shake vigorously, ensuring the ingredients hit each end of the shaker on each movement.
    3. Strain into a lowball glass over one solid piece of ice. (Note: Silicon ice molds for large cubes can be found at TJ Maxx, Williams Sonoma and other home goods stores.)
    4. Rub Orange Peel around the rim of the glass. Twist over the drink to express the Orange Oil onto the top of the cocktail. Tear peel in the middle and place on the edge of the glass for garnish. Drink up and Enjoy!

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    2 Replies to “Honey Bourbon Apple Cider”

      1. Hi Peter! We do have a similar concept. And I do appreciate and love a good Bourbon based cocktail. On my way to join friends and have one here shortly. 🙂

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