Fresh Strawberry Shortcake


It is early Summer and luscious, sweet strawberries are ripe for the picking. Since strawberries are my favorite fruit it makes sense that Strawberry Shortcake is my all time favorite dessert. I happily purchase it at restaurants in all its various styles this time of year.

There are numerous ways to spice up a strawberry shortcake, but my recipe is a simple, straight forward classic I’ve been making for years. So get to baking, fluff up some of whipped cream and dive in!

    1 lb. Fresh Strawberries, de-stemmed and cut into large pieces
    1/4 Cup Sugar (raw or granulated)
    Fresh Lemon Juice from 1/2 Lemon (reserve rind for zest on final presentation if desired)

    2 Cups Bisquick
    1/2 Cup Sugar
    2 Tsp Baking Powder
    1/2 Cup Cold Butter, diced into small pieces
    1 Egg
    2/3 Cups Heavy Cream (plus a little extra for topping)

    1 Cup Heavy Cream
    1/4 Cup Powdered Sugar (or more as needed to reach desired consistency and flavor)

    1. In a medium bowl mix strawberries with sugar and lemon juice. Place in refrigerator for a few hours to marinate and chill.
    2. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large bowl combine Bisquick, Sugar and Baking Powder. Add Butter and cut in with a pastry cutter, 2 knives or fingertips. Combine until mixture forms small granules.
    3. In a small bowl whisk together Egg and Heavy Cream.
    4. Pour liquid mixture into dry mixture. Mix gently until thoroughly combined and mixture is sticky.
    5. Drop 1/3 cup scoops of dough onto an oiled or parchment covered baking sheet.
    6. Brush tops of shortcakes with heavy cream. Sprinkle tops with sugar (preferably raw sugar if you have it).
    7. Cook shortcakes for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove carefully from oven and let cool. Shortcakes will spread during cooking, cut each shortcake into triangles for shape.
    8. In a medium bowl with an electric mixer beat 1 cup of Whipping Cream until foamy. Gradually add Powdered Sugar and continue to mix until soft peaks form in the cream. Add sugar until desired texture and taste is reached.
    9. Cut shortcakes into triangles and layer with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. Spoon remaining juice over tops. Add lemon zest over the top if desired. Enjoy!

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