First Ripe Tomato of the Season

A Sun Gold cherry tomato, ripe and ready to eat.

My first ripe tomato of the summer has arrived, and only two days before the Summer Solstice. I am beyond excited! Don’t be fooled by its orange coloring. This small cherry tomato variety, Sun Gold, is ripe when it is an orangey-yellow. It has become one of my favorite tomato varieties in my garden over the years. It produces abundant, tasty fruit throughout the summer.

Golden tomato flesh warmed by the sun – heaven.

Please be assured I popped this tomato immediately into my mouth after this photo was taken. YUM!

What are your favorite tomato varieties? I also love Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple and Early Girl. Mmmmmmm…mmmmmm.

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4 Replies to “First Ripe Tomato of the Season”

  1. I love any that can survive the beatings of Chicago’s weather. Mine are on the 3rd floor balcony out in the south burbs and thus get lots and lots of wind and possibly a frost. Hoping this year’s cherry tomato plants do better, at least looking stronger than last year. They’ll never compare to those football sized ones me and my mom grew in KY though!!!

    1. Yes, a Chicago balcony is certainly a rough growing environment. I’m guessing the smaller varieties do best given the shorter growing season. But any fresh tomatoes are certainly a very good thing! 🙂

  2. I’m not super excited about tomatoes, but my son will eat them right off the vine. I did pick up some green beans from the farmer’s market last week and they were so very good! I think they may have convinced the hubs to actually get a garden started next year!

    1. Hi Christine! So happy to hear you may be starting a garden next year. Gardens in Kentucky are so lush and bountiful. It is a wonderful thing that your son will eat fresh veggies right off the vine – what a wonderful trait to cultivate! Happy Summer! 🙂

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