Cox’s Creek Sling – Four Roses Bourbon, Cranberry and Lime Cocktail


Four Roses Bourbon Cocktail with Cranberry and LimeBourbon, Cranberry Juice and Lime may be three of my most favorite things. Combine the three, make it Four Roses Bourbon and it becomes a little taste of heaven. My dad brought me a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon for New Year’s Eve and I knew just the cocktail I’d be making. I first made this concoction on Thanksgiving for friends in Pennsylvania, and then made it at home in Kentucky for Christmas and the New Year. It was my holiday favorite in 2013 and rang in my new year for 2014.

I call this the Cox’s Creek Sling because it is similar to the Bardstown Sling that won the Mixed Drink Challenge at the 2004 Kentucky Bourbon Festival. Mine has all Bourbon (and no other types of liquor) and adds a little rich syrup to sweeten the mix. Cox’s Creek is a small area just outside of Bardstown where I grew up, and is the location where Four Roses bottles and ages its bourbon in single-story rack warehouses. I hope you enjoy this tangy little treat – it is a favorite in my Kentucky home year round.

Yield: 1 Cocktail, multiply as needed

    2 oz. Four Roses Bourbon of choice (I used Small Batch)
    1.5 oz. Cranberry Juice
    0.5 oz. Rich Syrup*
    Juice from 1/3 Lime
    Lime, 1 thin wedge

    *Rich syrup is a heavier dilution than simple syrup. Just dilute 2 parts Sugar with 1 part warm water (no need to heat or boil, the warm water and a little shaking will speed dilution).

    1. Measure out volumes of liquid as indicated above – Bourbon, Cranberry Juice and Rich Syrup – pour into a cocktail shaker. (Note: If you do not have a cocktail shaker a quart size mason jar works great, just make sure you have a lid.) Squeeze in Lime Juice.
    2. Fill 3/4 full with ice. Firmly cap shaker and shake vigorously, ensuring the ingredients hit each end of the shaker on each movement.
    3. Strain into a small tasting glass or martini glass.
    4. Place thin lime wedge on the edge of the glass for garnish. Drink up and Enjoy!

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