There are many people who have helped make Urban Sacred Garden a success. This is my personal gratitude list of the people I most want to thank for their gifted assistance and contributions.

Timothy Vincent Welsh – Tim is my artistic liaison and go to for design, creative inspiration and moral support. Tim spent many months working with me to sketch and perfect the beautiful header for Urban Sacred Garden. We’ve been friends for a long time and there are no bounds to the blessings he brings to my life. You can see Tim’s wonderfully fabulous and hilarious cartoons on his blog here.

Lathon Logan – Lathon is a childhood friend of mine who became a crucial technical adviser and moral support during the creation of this site. Lathon does terrific graphics and web design work for his friend’s business and important causes. I hope he soon has a spiffy website up so I can share it with you. In the meantime, you can e-mail me if you’re interested in recruiting his assistance for your own graphic design or web development project.

Donna Monin (Mom) – My Mom is brilliant at business, but is equally versed in creative endeavors and interior design. She was insightful, inspiring and supportive at every turn in my quest to build this website. Mom takes me on adventures when I need them most and provided me with an endless list of possible writing options for the site. Life is always easier when you have a Mom in your corner who really believes in you. She is currently the owner of Bardstown Florist.

Kristi Irwin – Kristi, my long-time friend, and I started stumbling through our WordPress misadventures together and are now semi-experts on the process. Kristi is always uplifting, insightful and hilarious. You can occasionally see her performing stand-up comedy in Chicago and other cities in the Midwest. She is currently re-working her websites, but I soon hope to share them here.

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