Clearing Your Space


In this video I show you how to smudge with Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass or other bundled herbs to clear the energy (or Ch’i) in your space. Smudging can help clear your thoughts, enhance the energy in your home and dispel negativity.

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6 Replies to “Clearing Your Space”

  1. Ah, I love the video! It’s very informative. I’m going to the grocery here in a minute to make Squash pasta and get some sage. Yay!

  2. very interesting video.. i’ve been wanting to smudge my house for a long time, but haven’t been able to get it smudge ready! (clutter cleared, organized, etc.).. I’m hoping start taking it room by room! BTW, I’m interested in your desk set up.. it looked like the one on the right side of the camera had a pull out feature, is that right? may I ask where you got it? I’m looking for some new work surfaces. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shauna, I’m so happy you found my site and this video. I hope you find it helpful. I’m doing a re-org of my house using Feng Shui and am taking it room by room. It does take a lot of de-cluttering and organizing, which can be a little exhausting, but so worth it in the end. 🙂

      I just purchased my desk a couple weeks ago – and I am in LOVE with it! The side to the right does have a pull out – a very nice large one onto which my oversized keyboard and large mousepad fit very easily. I looked and looked and looked for a desk and this was the one. It is the Kathy Ireland Tribeca Loft Desk. I ordered the writing desk and the return (which holds the computer). I ordered it from Cymax – timely delivery, but it is curbside delivery only so it came in huge wooden crates and I had to have some help to unpack and unload into my house.

      Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck on clearing and smudging your space! 🙂

      1. Let me update and say, DO NOT ORDER any furniture from Cymax. One of my desk pieces was damaged in shipment and I am now battling for a replacement. I’ve now found numerous complaints online about this company and replacements for damaged goods. Very frustrating. I would seek out a better vendor for the desk.

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