Dill Roasted Potato Salad (ME)

Potato salad is a Southern staple in the Summer for picnics and BBQs. And who doesn’t love a good dill pickle as part of their Summer feast? Dill is, personally, one of my favorite flavors and herbs. This salad combines my love of roasted potatoes and dill. I use a colorful fingerling potato variety that […]

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Heirloom Bean Salad (ME)

I am fascinated with heirloom seeds and vegetables. There are so many vast and unique varieties just waiting to be loved and tasted. In particular, I’ve been fascinated with Christmas Lima Beans since I saw them on the cover of Barbara Kingsolver’s enlightening book, Animal Vegetable Miracle. The stunning red and white beans aren’t as […]

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Simple Tomato and Avocado Salad (ME)

It is Memorial Day weekend which means BBQs with tasty meats, baked beans, corn on the cob and assortments of fresh salads. This little salad is simple, fast and refreshing. It is lettuce free so the men folk are more likely to eat it (if your man is anything like mine – the less green […]

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Sweet Corn Salsa (ME)

I’ve been on a southwestern food kick lately, particularly anything to do with corn cakes, black beans, avocado and salsa. I was recently having some salsa at a restaurant on a quesadilla with sweet corn inside and thought, “What I really need is some sweet corn salsa.” So, I dreamed up this little recipe and […]

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Cornmeal Crusted Black Bean Cakes (ME)

I first made these black bean cakes during my law school years, and hadn’t made them in so long I couldn’t remember the specifics. Many a legal contract had warped my brain since that time. I just remember they were good. So, I gathered the remnants from the corners of my mind – black beans, […]

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Chive Blossom Eggs (ME)

This is a seasonal variation on the Simple Two Egg Scramble I posted previously. This time of year, my chives start to blossom. The blooms need to be pulled off to keep the plant from dying back and going to seed, particularly if I want fresh chives all Summer. The full blossoms are too much […]

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Honey Baked Sweet Potato Fries (ME)

Sweet Potatoes are a Southern staple to be sure. And nothing is as quick and easy as some baked sweet potato fries. I jazz these up with a little fresh honey. But they are simple, easy and delicious. I served these last night with Bison Meatloaf Burgers and Kristen’s Braised Kale – a tasty and […]

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Kristen’s Braised Kale (ME)

Last night I was at my dear friend Kristen’s house and she made this amazing Kale! She often downplays her cooking abilities, but everything I’ve had at her house has been divine and she is an excellent hostess. I loved the Kale so much I asked for the details so I could share it with […]

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Simple Two Egg Scramble (ME)

I am a big fan of savory foods in the morning. I love a few bites of sweet added into the mix, but savory and salty satisfies my palate in the mornings. I’ve been making simple scrambles for years with numerous types of ingredients – meats, cheeses, veggies and spices. Below are the basic instructions […]

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Honey Roasted Pear Salad with Goat Cheese (ME)

If you love roasted pears, goat cheese, or both this salad is divine! It takes minimal time to prepare and tastes like something out of a gourmet kitchen. You really can’t go wrong with fresh goat cheese, a little honey and roasted fruit. For simplicity and time saving you can always replace the handmade dressing […]

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