Cold Asparagus Salad (ME)

This little salad is crisp, tangy and the perfect accompaniment to a heavier dinner when you’re too tired of lettuce and spinach salads. The asparagus is a brilliant green when you first blanch it and remove it from the water. When you let it sit for a bit to cool the color will dull some. […]

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Garlic Sage Grilled Pork Tenderloin (ME)

The key to this tasty pork is picking a great piece of meat and allowing it to marinate for at least 24 hours. Once those two criteria are met you’ll have trouble cooking-up anything less than the most tender, juicy pork (unless of course you burn it to a crisp). If you don’t have a […]

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August Harvest Salad (ME)

This time of the summer you’ll find a plethora of tomatoes and peppers in your garden and at the farmers market. Those fresh veggies combined with other favorites make the perfect end of Summer salad. I add multiple types of nuts and cheese into this tasty dish because you can’t go wrong with more goodies […]

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Tangy Bison Meatloaf (ME)

I’m currently visiting my boyfriend in coastal Virginia and Hurricane Irene is headed this way tonight. The wind and rain has already started to rip through our neighborhood. I started looking through the fridge for things to cook-up. I made banana bread and had Bison and a mix of veggies – perfect for a meat […]

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Wake Me Up Eggs (ME)

Some mornings you need a little kick to get you going. These spicy little devils will invigorate your body and mind, as well as your metabolism. For a quick discussion on the temporary boost in metabolism you might receive from spicy dishes check out this article in the New York Times. I like this little […]

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Tomato Basil Salad (Caprese) 4 Ways (ME)

Sometimes I take the basics for granted. For the past month I’ve been reveling in the sheer joy of fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden. I’ve made numerous variations on Caprese, a traditional Italian salad of Basil, Mozzarella and Tomato. Initially, I didn’t put any of these on my website because I assumed it […]

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Lavender Mint Sun Tea (ME)

In the South, we love our sun tea. And while it takes some time and patience, there isn’t much more to do when it is hot and sweltering in the wet summer heat. I don’t know why sun tea tastes better, it may be the slow wait as it turns a golden hue and the […]

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Fresh Herb and Berry Salad (ME)

This tangy, spicy salad is not for the faint of heart. You must truly love fresh herbs to enjoy the complex flavors that will dance across your palate with every bite of this crispy summer salad. I have listed my recommendations of herbs from my garden, but feel free to alter them based on your […]

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Roasted Garlic Gazpacho (ME)

Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish dish of cold cucumber and tomato soup. It is tasty and simple and perfect for a steamy summer day. I make my gazpacho with an Italian twist – roasted garlic instead of onions, fresh basil, parsley and chives, and a sprinkling of Parmesan on top. Serve this soup with a […]

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Garlic Grilled Vegetable Skewers (ME)

These skewers are simple, easy and, if allowed marinate for the day, filled with extra kick and flavor. If you don’t have access to an outdoor grill you can always bake these in the oven around 350 degrees for 30 minutes, then kick it up to broil to brown the veggies at the end. I […]

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