Radio Interview for La Vida Local on Crescent Hill Radio

Recently, I was invited by my fellow food writer and friend, Lindsey McClave, to be a guest on La Vida Local, a weekly local food show on Crescent Hill Radio. I sat down for a chat with Lindsey and Mali Anderson to talk about what’s new and good in the food world of Louisville, Ky […]

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How To Organically Remove Cabbage Worms and Slugs from Your Garden

This Fall I have a lovely garden filled with Collards, Kale, Cabbage and Swiss Chard. The only problem is all these green vegetables look tasty to certain insects and have been subject to attack over the course of the growing season. In particular, a cabbage worm invasion took an early toll on my greens when […]

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Fall Vegetable Gardening Guide

The Fall Season is almost upon us and that means our Summer gardens are churning out the last bits of their bounty as cool weather approaches. This past weekend I cleared the zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon out of my raised beds to make way for all my Fall plantings. I’d already planted some Watermelon […]

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7 Steps to a Great Vegetable Garden

Every year, I pull out my colored pencils and sketch out a plan for my garden. There are numerous planning tools online that allow you to create something more technical and perfect, but the whimsy of putting colored pencil to paper makes me feel more connected to the process. And hells bells, it’s just more […]

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Happy Honeybees

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting a small farm in Northern Pennsylvania with an estimated 750,000 bees. That may sound like a plethora, but so many bees live in a single hive they begin to add up quickly. I’ve always wanted bees and learned some fascinating facts about these magical and […]

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Kitchen Herb Garden

Fresh herbs are a necessity for any cook. I have a variety of favorites that I keep just outside of my kitchen door in big pots. Just a couple of extra minutes and a pair of kitchen shears (a must have kitchen accessory) and I have fresh, tasty herbs fresh from my garden for cooking. […]

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Natural Bug Repellent

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere (for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere you may find this post more helpful in 6 months). As we start our long journey into Summer we begin our months long battle with pesky, biting insects. I’ve been reading-up on this topic and have some chemical […]

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First Ripe Tomato of the Season

My first ripe tomato of the summer has arrived, and only two days before the Summer Solstice. I am beyond excited! Don’t be fooled by its orange coloring. This small cherry tomato variety, Sun Gold, is ripe when it is an orangey-yellow. It has become one of my favorite tomato varieties in my garden over […]

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Making Peace with Mother Nature

When life gives you rain and wind (and feisty critters), you have to take a deep breath, pick-up, re-pot and get creative. Yesterday a sudden and tumultuous thunderstorm came rumbling through my neighborhood. Between the torrential rains and wind gusts of up to 60mph my garden took a beating. It was my first day back […]

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Birthday Flowers (Bring May Showers?)

Tomorrow is my birthday. I love all birthdays, not just my own, but every birthday. I love to celebrate my friend’s birthdays just as much as I love to celebrate my own. We have quite the festivities planned for tomorrow and by late tonight I’ll have a house full of out of town guests. I’m […]

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