Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I first made these Brussels Sprouts for a family Thanksgiving gathering in a cabin in the mountains of Gatlinburg, TN. Brussels Sprouts were never a holiday staple for my family, but this recipe put them on the map for us. I’ve served this dish to many friends who’ve never had a Brussels Sprout and they […]

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Blood Orange Roasted Carrots (ME)

These carrots are scrumptious and sweet, and contain one of my favorite fruit juices, freshly squeezed blood orange. Blood Oranges are a tangy, tasty and wonderfully vibrant fruit (that is also perfect in freshly shaken cocktails). I always use whole carrots, preferably with green tops still attached if you can find them (birds, rabbits and […]

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Apple Butter Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Icing

I made these cupcakes with a little Southern Flair by adding Apple Butter into the mix. My favorite Apple Butter comes from the Huber Family Farm in Southern Indiana where my grandmother grew up as a child. But you can purchase Apple Butter in almost any farm store or local market. While the cupcake recipe […]

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Guinness Spiked Irish Pie

This tasty dish is the perfect treat for a St. Patrick’s Day feast with friends and family. Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day was a religious holiday celebrated by Catholics and Protestants in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. Over time it has become a secular holiday celebrating Irish culture around the world. Add to your […]

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Crusty Irish Brown Bread

When I visited Ireland one of my favorite foods was the lovely brown bread served in the pubs with stew. I will admit up-front that making bread is not my greatest strength in the kitchen. But I’ve perfected the below recipe and it is fail proof, even for me. It is moist and delicious, and […]

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Apple Honey Cake

I first made this recipe for a gathering of friends on New Year’s Eve. It was inspired by the beautiful Beehive Bundt pan my friends gave me for Christmas. They know how much I love bees! I am a big proponent of all recipes made with Local Honey and this is one of my recent […]

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Simple Almond Butter (ME)

It is surprising how simple it is to make almond (and other nut) butter at home. The below recipe is for a small batch of almond butter, and you can always multiply the recipe as needed. If you have a high quality food processor making nut butters becomes much more simple. Experiment with different oils […]

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Fresh Tomato Sauce (ME)

There is nothing as nice as a homemade, fresh tomato sauce to brighten an otherwise ordinary meal. One of the primary delights of the summer are tomatoes straight from the garden, warmed by the sun. This recipe can be made in large batches, frozen in quart sized freezer bags and thawed for individual future use. […]

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