A Place For Rest

During my travels these past two weeks I’ve fallen behind on sleep and moments of quiet and stillness, which leaves me dreaming of coziness and comfort. Creating a restful environment is the lynchpin of relaxation in your home, whether for sleep or down time with friends. To the left is my fluffy white bed with […]

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Natural and Organic Easter Ideas

Easter is the season for egg laying bunnies. Such a unique idea to depict the ultimate symbolism of Spring, fertility and new life. Sometimes we get so used to the concept it is easy to forget it is a fiction. The Christian Holiday is based on Pagan traditions of Ostara, and is named after the […]

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Inspiring Your Space with Sacred Objects

I am a collector of small objects. Not so many as to clutter my space, but enough to decorate the surfaces in my home and add some personality to my space. Sacred objects, in particular, are spread throughout my home in small groupings that combine multiple traditions and paths of thinking. The grouping to the […]

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Simple Spring Cleaning

As Winter melts away and Spring flowers bloom our spaces, stuffy from a long Winter’s nap, are in need of a little refreshing. Here are a few simple natural, chemical free cleaning tips to add some lightness and life into your space in the Spring cleaning season. 1. Bathe House Plants – House plants get […]

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Use of Color In Your Interior Space

“Don’t be afraid to use color in your home. By following a few simple rules you can really bring your space to life. Do yourself a favor and don’t beigify!” The use of color in your interior and exterior space should be considered carefully as color creates strong physical and psychological responses in people. Warm […]

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Using Houseplants for a Healthy Home

“Bring houseplants into your space to add vibrancy, air quality and color to every room.” Houseplants are the perfect way to bring color and life into any area of your home. While beautiful and enjoyable, house plants also positively impact air quality. They support the natural carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle inside the walls of […]

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Bookscapes: Using Books as a Decor Element in Your Home

“A view of someone’s collected library is, in my mind, a quick glimpse into someone’s soul.” I find great joy in surrounding myself in the comfort of the worn pages of my favorite books. I am always reading around ten books at a time and keep large piles of books-in-progress stacked in the study and […]

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