Bookscapes: Using Books as a Decor Element in Your Home


“A view of someone’s collected library is, in my mind, a quick glimpse into someone’s soul.”

I find great joy in surrounding myself in the comfort of the worn pages of my favorite books.

I am always reading around ten books at a time and keep large piles of books-in-progress stacked in the study and next to my bed. I’ve had many discussions with my friends about our keen interest in the physical possession of books. It is not productive to form attachments with things, but books are, for many of us, very difficult to let go.

A view of someone’s collected library is, in my mind, a quick glimpse into someone’s soul. The words, ideas and insight we choose to surround ourselves with are reflective of our thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Here are a few suggestions for using books as decor in your home:
– Keep cookbooks visible and easily accessible in the kitchen to inspire great meals.
– Keep Design and Travel books in a pile on the coffee or end table to find new ideas for your space or to assist in planning your next big journey.
– Calming stories, spiritual writing and beautifully written fiction are wonderful to keep next to the bed and read before going to sleep. Fall asleep to the soft lullaby of words instead of the blare of the television.
– Daily meditation books should be kept in-sight where you complete your morning ritual. Take 2 minutes to sit, pause and contemplate the daily words of inspiration.
– Add Built-in shelves to permanent spaces to make a space instantly organized, functional, and cozy.
– If you move often or are a renter invest in shelves that look nice, fit into versatile spaces and are easy to move.
– Add books to your work space that feed your mind, whether they directly fuel your work or provide a needed break.

Bring books with fulfilling words into your home and feel the change it can make. With inspiration sitting there on the shelf, you may be more likely to take action.

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2 Replies to “Bookscapes: Using Books as a Decor Element in Your Home”

  1. Shelves, Shelves, we need lots of them for this. O.K. I think we will keep our instruments out and that is our glimpse into our soul. Beautiful exciting thought though.

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