Angel Oak – Charleston, SC


Last week my mom and I visited the Isle of Palms in South Carolina for some much needed refocusing time and rejuvenation. We made a few trips onto the mainland for various adventures, and visited the amazing Angel Oak Tree outside of Charleston.

The tree is majestically breathtaking and causes you to pause and just be, if only for a moment. If you have a few minutes, please take a break and enjoy this video of my walk under the tree. And many blessings to you this week as we revolve towards the Autumnal Equinox this Friday, September 23rd.

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7 Replies to “Angel Oak – Charleston, SC”

  1. A couple of friends and I are running a marathon in Charleston this November. Should be an amazing run, such a gorgeous area. For some of us crazy runner types, running is kind of our ‘just being’.

    1. Charleston is so beautiful, should be a great place for a run. Have you been before? It is one of my favorite cities. If you need a big, homestyle, Southern dinner after your run try Jestine’s Kitchen at 251 Meeting Street. It is SO good. 🙂

      1. I haven’t been since many, many years ago with my Dad (who wasn’t feeling well) so we didn’t see much. I can’t wait because I love old Southern towns with history, and am actually taking a few extra days to do fun stuff. I’m going to visit Jestine’s Kitchen! Any other suggestions, please suggest!! I plan on walking/hobling around as much as I can, hopefully getting to the island as well (marathon doesn’t cross bridge).

        1. Let’s see, I have so many suggestions…where to start?!!? If you need a massage or wellness treatment after your run I suggest Seeking Indigo. It is a super cool little spot on King St. King St. is a great area to walk around and do a little shopping. There is a also a place called Cupcake if you need something sweet! The neighborhoods South of Broad on the point in between Broad Street and Battery/Murray street are great to wander around in to see architecture and beautiful homes. The walk along Battery and back up Bay St. is great, too -you’ll pass Rainbow Row on Bay St. which is a popular spot of bright colored houses. Bay St. is a great area to stay near (I like the Vendue Inn) and there are tons of great restaurants. The Charleston Open Air Market is also a neat spot to walk through during the day and it is off of Bay St. – you’ll see the ladies weaving Sweetgrass baskets (a local tradition). The churches on Church St. and Meeting St. are beautiful, too, and there are numerous old cemeteries with live oaks and Spanish moss. St. Philips and St. Michael’s are very popular, and The Circular Congregational Church on Meeting St is really unique and there is a beautiful cemetery that sits right behind it on Church St. If you have a car while you’re there you can drive out to the Angel Oak if you want to see a very old tree, and about 9.5 miles down the road from the Oak is the Charleston Tea Plantation – the only tea plantation is all of North America. It is very interesting if you like tea – the trolley tour on the plantation is pretty cool. And if you do get to head over to the coastal islands I definitely recommend Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms. Great burgers and fries at Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s. Higher end seafood at Atlanticville. Sunset from the Crow’s Nest Bar at the Boathouse Restaurant on Isle of Palms is fantastic (and the dolphins come into the cove and jump around for added show). Really, I guess you can’t go wrong in Charleston – it is so great! Have a wonderful time!

  2. OMG! How cool!! I am so excited you got to see the Angel Oak-it is sooo magical!! The video is so awesome!!! We should totally use that app and make a cool movie!!!

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