A Little Gardening Tornado Drill


Potted Plants, still inside and safe and sound this morning.
Last night around 12:30am I was awoken by endless tornado sirens. I haven’t heard that sound since my childhood, at least not that I can remember. I picked-up The Queen, went down stairs and turned on the news.

Tornado Warnings all over Metro Louisville until about 1:30am, sightings of cyclone clouds, and winds over 60mph. The weather tracking told me I had about 15 minutes to get all of my potted plants indoors or risk them being blown to the winds. They all made it inside safely and the few items left on the deck definitely were a little blown around by the high winds.

The Queen waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs.
Queen and I spent about 25 minutes in the basement during the worst of the heavy winds. She sat in front of me, waiting patiently on guard for the storms to subside. Sweet kitty!

No damage to speak of. The power stayed on in my neighborhood. Aside from the wind blowing a few things around, the world outside was untouched. The few plants I had in the ground, of course, were fine. I guess that is one additional test for a container gardener- protecting all those little potted green babies in the crazy winds. Good thing I have plenty of floor space!

Scattered objects on the deck this morning. The concrete bunnies stayed put.

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5 Replies to “A Little Gardening Tornado Drill”

  1. I wonder if this was the same storm that passed through here early last night knocking out the electricity at the restaurant we were at?! I heard it was headed your way and with the warmer temps = perfect for tornadoes to form! Yikes! Glad everything/everyone is okay.

  2. Yes, we are all good. I think it was the same front that blew through Chicago. It was like a solid red line on the radar from the Great Lakes down to Tennessee. Craziness! 🙂

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