30 Days of Thanksgiving – Days 20 through 26

Cushaw Pie made by Joyce Pinson of Friends Drift Inn


I am traveling over the next week and am posting in advance in anticipation of not being around my computer as much in the days to come. I am grateful for so much on this Thanksgiving day, but the below are a few things that top my list. I wish you all a joyful and abundant holiday!

DAYS 20 through 26:

The seven things I am grateful for on this Thanksgiving day are:
1. The community I’ve built on Urban Sacred Garden and Southern Food Bloggers.
2. My amazing friends who brighten my days.
3. Eating a Cushaw Pie for the first time compliments of my dear friend Joyce Pinson of Friends Drift Inn. (A super extra thanks to Joyce for having me as a guest in the Big Red Barn during this holiday season!)
4. My family – who is crazy and wonderful.
5. Christmas music – I cannot help it, tis the season!
6. The opportunities and inspiration that lie in wait around every unknown corner.
7. Bourbon, my favorite spirit of the season (and otherwise).

SUGGESTED GRATITUDE PRACTICE: It is Thanksgiving. Take time to connect and spend time with your loved ones. Eat all of the bountiful foods of the season. Give thanks for the overflowing abundance that blesses your life.

*In honor of the spirit and joy of Thanksgiving, I am taking a moment every day this month to share a little something I’m grateful for. Of course, I’m always grateful for you, my readers. Thank you for taking the time to visit. For more thoughts on gratitude you can see my previous posts here and here.

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  1. It was a pleasure to have you as our guest. Things were a little chaotic but what really matters is we had a fun and plenty of food and wine…and oh yeah… a little Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon! Giggles

    Safe travels my friend…and wishing you a glorious holiday season. Hugs, Joyce

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